About RósGlas Recovery

About Us

RósGlas Recovery offers individualised one-on-one therapy retreats to resolve addictions and emotional health concerns. We build trusting relationships with our clients and their families. This is the cornerstone of our approach.

We provide support for a range of addiction and substance abuse issues. We also treat mental health and emotional concerns such as; anxiety, depression, interpersonal difficulties, anger issues, codependency, stress and burn-out.

All of our exclusive recovery programs are designed for each individual client. No two treatment retreats will be the same.

Our base therapeutic model always addresses both the direct and underlying factors of any emotional, psychological or behavioural concern. This is something many treatment providers are not able to do. We believe our approach creates the environment for the best possible outcome.

We address the underlying biochemical imbalances through natural means. We identify and treat the underlying psychological factors which are usually trauma related.

Our Therapists are vastly experienced and trained in different evidence based approaches.

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Rosglas Logo

Meaning of RósGlas

RósGlas means the ‘Green Rose’ in Irish (Gaelic). The Green Rose symbolises our holistic approach to mental health and addiction recovery. Traditionally the green rose is known to represent a rejuvenation of spirit, energy and abundance – a renewal of life – something that our clients describe following completion of our treatment program.

Team of Experts

The team at RósGlas Recovery are uniquely qualified and offer high quality expert therapy in addiction treatment and a range of psychological issues.

We also are proud to offer leading experts in biochemical restoration. Our team provide expertise in a holistic approach to mental health treatment and addiction recovery.

All of our psychotherapists are highly trained to at least a Masters or Doctorate level and bring a wealth of experience and expertise.

Furthermore, the team at RósGlas Recovery are passionate and dedicated in providing the best possible treatment and recovery from addictions, depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties and other psychological conditions.

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Meet our team

Anthony O'Brien MSc

Director of Therapy Services

  • MSc Addiction Psychology
  • Equine-Assisted Psychotherapist
  • Reality Therapist
  • EMDR & Trauma Therapist

Anthony is a renowned Addiction Treatment Practitioner and leads the Clinical Treatment Programmes at RósGlas.

Before setting up RósGlas Recovery Anthony was previously the Clinical Director and Director of Addiction Services at the Kusnacht Practice in Switzerland, where he developed and led the addiction treatment for four years. Prior to this, he managed an in-patient addiction treatment centre in Ireland and held a senior addiction therapist position at the world-famous Priory Hospital in London.

Anthony has spent his career working at leading treatment centres across Europe and now aims to bring all the best, most effective components to RósGlas Recovery in Ireland. His vision combines pioneering exclusive clinical treatment with world-renowned Irish healthcare, spirituality and hospitality.

Dr. Pradeep Chadha

Psychiatrist & Specialist Psychotherapist

  • Integrative Psychiatrist
  • Specialist Psychotherapist
  • Stress Reduction & Trauma Specialist
  • Over 25 years of medical practice experience

Dr. Pradeep Chadha is a renowned integrative psychiatrist, therapist and author of emotional wellness. His unique approach to psychological health integrates mind, body and spirit. Originally trained as a medical doctor, Pradeep then specialised in psychiatry and psychotherapy. He has trained in trauma therapy, use of hypnotherapy, breath work, imagery and nutritional medicine.

With a specialism in treating and addressing psychological and emotional difficulties, stress and trauma alongside the underlying biochemical and physiological components Pradeep employs a highly effective and truly holistic approach.

Anita Walsh


  • Nutrigenomic Specialist
    Functional Epigenetic & Biochemical Screening Specialist
  • Specialist in mental health disorders involving biochemistry, genetics & the relationship with gastrointestinal dysfunction.
  • Clinical Nutritionist
  • Registered Mental Health Nurse
  • Registered Walsh Research Institute Practitioner

Anita has almost 20 years experience within the mental health field having worked as a Mental Health Nurse both in Ireland and Australia before furthering her studies in nutrition, genomics, epigenetics and gastrointestinal dysfunction.

Anita has also trained with the renowned Dr William Walsh of the Walsh Research Institute Chicago and has spent the past decade specialising in specific biochemical imbalances, epigenetics and the gastrointestinal role implicated in mental health disorders.

Anita uses the most current & evidence based laboratory analysis testing available and creates tailored nutritional programmes together with individual targeted nutrient therapies for mental health symptoms including anxiety & depression.​

rizwan rosglas team

DR. M. Rizwan Ud Din

MBBS, BSc, BA, MRCP Medical Consultant & Pain Specialist

  • Internal Medicine Specialist
  • Pain Management Consultant
  • Medical Consultation

Dr. Rizwan Ud Din is a Consultant in Internal Medicine and specialist in Pain Management and Rheumatology. With training and expertise gained from the UK, Ireland and Australia Dr. Rizwan offers specialist consultancy in physical health conditions that impact on psychological health. This includes Pain, Fatigue, Arthritis, Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Back and Joint pains.

He has a warm, approachable and understanding manner and is sensitive to the psychological factors involved in these kinds of health complaints.

Mike Delaney

Addiction & Trauma Specialist. Equine-Assisted Psychotherapist

  • Renowned Addiction Specialist
  • Mental Health Nursing background
  • LEAP Equine-Assisted Psychotherapist Lead
  • Experienced in Mental Health & Learning Disabilities

Mike has over 40 years of experience in mental health and addictions as a mental health nurse and specialist psychotherapist having worked for centres in the UK and Internationally. He is a pioneer of the LEAP model of Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy and has also presented the efficacy of this approach for childhood sexual trauma to the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Mike is highly experienced in treating addiction and related mental health issues including depression, co-dependency and trauma. He has a warm, approachable and supportive nature.

Rosglas Recovery Team

Alistair Richardson

Therapist - Addictions, EFT & Trauma

  • MSc Addiction Counselling
  • Master Practitioner Energy EFT
  • Post Induction Therapist
  • Trainer Classic EFT

Alistair has been working in the field of trauma treatment and addiction recovery for over 13 years at a variety of top rehab centres in England and abroad and now runs a successful private practice in London and in Kent.

He has an MSc in Addiction Counselling, and specializes in helping empower others to overcome the effects of childhood and acute trauma, co-dependency problems and addictions. He is trained and experienced at doing Post Induction Therapy both in group and individually and has run and co-facilitated trauma healing workshops over the past 7 years.

He is also very experienced in the use of and integration of energy psychology such as Classic EFT, Energy EFT and Matrix Re-Imprinting in his work to increase speed and depth of change.

Rosglas Recovery Team

Marie Campion

Eating Distress Specialist

  • Expert in treating Eating Distress
  • Renowned Author & Speaker on the subject
  • Founder of specialist outpatient clinic
  • Trained counselor & nutritionist

Marie is a seasoned Eating Distress Practitioner, with qualifications in Counselling, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, Relaxation techniques and Nutrition and having personal experience and recovery from Eating Distress.

Marie is a renowned expert in the treatment of Eating Distress and is a keynote speaker at International Conferences on the subject and a respected author having published books on Understanding and Recovering from Eating Distress. She was the founder of the first outpatient centre in Ireland to specialise in treating Eating Distress and related issues. Marie is a passionate professional dedicated to helping people recover from eating issues.

Rosglas Recovery Team

Mike O'Mahoney

Drama Therapist

  • Drama therapist
  • Accredited Clinical Supervisor
  • Mental Health & Adult Psychiatry Specialism
  • Addiction Recovery Consultant

Mike is a highly experienced mental health practitioner and drama-therapist. He has a wealth of addiction recovery experience having supported people with addiction and dependency issues for over 30 years. Mike has previously worked at the Kusnacht Practice in Switzerland as a live-in therapist and case manager. 

With a background in dramatic arts and has worked as a professional actor Mike offers expertise in a psychotherapeutic approach that combines drama and theatre, helping people to explore and resolve issues in a creative way. He also offers training in voice and speech coaching, movement, use of imagination and character building.