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Addiction is a complex problem that affects people of all ages. It usually involves a mixture of emotional, behavioural, psychological and biological issues.

We believe addiction is:

  • Often linked to Trauma usually from childhood
  • High incidence of co-occurring challenges like depression and anxiety
  • It always progresses with time
  • The consequences are often misunderstood

At RósGlas Recovery we treat addictions or any addictive behaviours directly – whilst at the same time addressing the underlying causal factors that predispose addictive tendencies.

This may include biochemical imbalances, mood-related issues, psychological issues, mental health or trauma, lifestyle, social or relationship factors. Importantly, we believe that our comprehensive approach offers our clients the greatest chance of long-term recovery and relief.

Our key philosophy is that addiction is a multi-faceted issue and addiction treatment should be tailored to suit each and every individual.

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Alcohol Addiction

At RósGlas Recovery, our team of experienced addiction specialists offer a uniquely tailored and private alcohol addiction treatment. We understand that alcoholism can take various forms and can be related to other factors for example trauma, emotional or relationship difficulties or biochemical imbalances.

Clients at RósGlas enjoy luxury alcohol addiction therapy in highly exclusive and private surroundings in Ireland.

Drug Addiction

We treat all forms of Drug Addiction including most commonly cocaine, cannabis and prescription medication. Unlike many treatment programs we do not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Our comprehensive assessments inform both our clients and our team of the underlying factors associated with current issues.

Every component of our private drug addiction treatment model is designed to support recovery and rehabilitation. 

Luxury and Private Addiction Treatment Center and Rehab in Ireland

Gambling Treatment

RósGlas Recovery provide specialist therapy for problematic gambling and gambling addiction. We respect the confidentiality needs of our clients and provide exclusive help for gambling addiction in privacy and luxury. Our comprehensive assessments inform both our clients and our team of the underlying factors associated with gambling.

We only ever treat one client at a time – no groups or group therapy. Treatment for gambling addiction takes place in secluded and discrete location in Ireland.

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Sex & Love Addiction

At RósGlas Recovery we understand the complexities and sensitivities of sex addiction and related issues of love and interpersonal relationships. We treat these issues in a highly confidential and luxurious private clinic in rural Ireland. Our professional and supportive team offer expert treatment for sex addiction with our comprehensive and holistic treatment model.

RósGlas Recovery offer truly individualised care and we only ever treat one client at at time in complete luxury, comfort and privacy.

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If you or your loved one suffers from addiction, there is no time to wait – seeking help is always the best option.

Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to provide anonymous consultation over the phone or email.


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