Gambling addiction

And how we treat it

What is gambling addiction?

Problematic gambling can have a devastating impact on personal finances, however, gambling addiction ultimately costs a lot more than money.

Gambling can be used as a mechanism to avoid difficult feelings. At the outset the person starts to bet and is enticed by the excitement and rushes of adrenaline. This part of the process is similar to other addictions however it can be hidden easier in gambling hence it is referred to as the ‘secret’ addiction.

As with other addictions, those spiralling into deeper cycles of gambling can feel isolated and increasingly desperate and deluded in their pursuit for chasing losses. Personal relationships, work, family and social life are often troubled or neglected in favour of gambling and coincide with increasingly secretive behaviours and deceit. This more often than not leads to a deepening sense of shame or denial. Those close to the gambler are effected by this progressive behavioural addiction.

What are symptoms of gambling addiction?

While problematic gambling may be triggered by stress and a feeling of uneasiness, it is maintained by a deep sense of shame, desperation, loneliness and isolation.

Warning signs of Gambling Addiction include:

  • Gambling for longer periods than intended
  • Secretive Gambling
  • Gambling to recover losses
  • Gambling for longer periods than intended
  • Gambling larger amounts of money to maintain high
  • Less time spent with family and friends
  • Responsibilities neglected at home and work
  • Frequent mood swings
  • Sleep problems
  • Loss of appetite
  • Become defensive when asked about gambling

While the above list may help identify the problem, it is important to understand that every gambler is unique and needs a treatment program that is tailored to them. Our private gambling addiction treatment is personalised for each client and ensures recovery in a luxurious and comfortable setting.

Self assessment:

Am I a gambling addict?

How do we treat problem gambling?

We only ever treat one client at a time – no groups or concerns about confidentiality.

RósGlas Recovery provide specialist therapy for problematic gambling and gambling addiction.

Our comprehensive assessments inform both our clients and our team of the underlying factors associated with each case.

Based on our assessments we then devise a truly individualised programme in order to offer you the most tailored and targeted therapy intervention.

We devise completely tailored treatment programmes in order to treat this behavioural addiction, at the same time addressing any underlying causal factors in order to offer the best possible outcome.

This includes a wide range of daily therapy (over 6 hours of treatment a day) and being accompanied throughout your stay by dedicated and specialist therapists.

Our treatment includes:

  • One client at a time – dedicated professional team focused on your treatment and care
  • Specialist live-in therapist with expertise in gambling addiction and related issues
  • Individually tailored holistic treatment approach incorporating mind, body & spirit
  • Psychological therapies
  • Biochemical and nutritional screening, assessments and targeted therapy
  • Personal training, life coaching
  • Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation
  • Intensive therapy retreats ranging from a suggested 3-8 weeks depending on individual cases for gambling addiction
  • Pioneering continuing care services

Comfort and discretion is always assured.

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