Am I Addicted to Prescription medication?

For some people slipping into addiction to prescription medication, painkillers and tranquillisers can be a subtle process that occurs over time. There might be a certain point in your life when an important question arises – am I addicted to prescription medication?

Honestly answering the below questions may help you identify if you or a loved one may have an issue with prescription medication abuse or addiction.

Test: Am I Addicted to Prescription medication:

  • Have you used medication other than for the direct medical reasons?
  • Do you, or have you abused more than one prescription medication at a time?
  • Have you used medications to escape your problems, worries or responsibilities?
  • Are you secretive about your drug use?
  • Do you feel guilty, ashamed or bad about your drug use?
  • Are you able to completely stop using drugs when you want to?
  • Have you neglected your family or work due to your use of prescription medication?
  • Is your partner or family concerned about your reliance on prescription medication?
  • Have you engaged in illegal, inappropriate or dangerous activities in order to obtain drugs?
  • Have you ever passed out or lost memory as a result of abusing prescription medication?
  • Have you had any health problems as a result of your use or dependence to drugs?
  • Do you experience withdrawal symptoms when you reduce or stop taking prescription medication?

If you identify with more than two of these items, there is a chance you may have some dependence or issue regarding your use of prescription medication. Take care of your mental and physical health and seek professional help to make sure prescription medication use doesn’t become an addiction and seek treatment if the addiction has developed.

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