Am I addicted to Sex

Am I addicted to Sex & Love? [Test]

Problem with Sex & Love Addiction?

Arriving at such a question is often a very positive first step in considering the effects of your sexual behaviours and its consequences. It can be difficult to find a balanced perspective on what is culturally expected or the ‘norm’. Many people with issues of sex addiction experience the obsessive drives and emotional roller coaster journey of highs and lows of this progressive addiction. So you might ask yourself – am I addicted to sex and love?

Am I addicted to Sex & Love? [TEST]

Honestly answering the following questions may help indicate problematic behaviours in this area.

  1. Do you feel concerned your sexual behaviour is not normal?
  2. Do you use sex to help escape your problems? to help you feel better about yourself? or to cope?
  3. Have you ever felt bad or guilty about your sexual actions?
  4. Do you find yourself preoccupied with sex, the pursuit of sexual interactions or other thoughts, memories, fantasies etc. about sex?
  5. Have you ever experienced ‘highs’ from your sexual activities followed by a crashing ‘low’ or feeling of sadness, depression, guilt or shame?
  6. Have you ever hurt anybody emotionally by your sexual behaviour?
  7. Do you keep your sexual activities secret from friends, colleagues or family?
  8. Has your sexual behaviour ever put yourself or others health or personal safety at risk?
  9. Have you had difficulty stopping or controlling your sexual desires even when you know it is inappropriate or dangerous?
  10. Have you had sex with somebody even when you have promised yourself you wouldn’t?
  11. Do you substitute sex for love or real emotional intimacy?
  12. Do you need to have sex in order to feel ‘real’ or to feel alive, or emotionally stimulated?

If you score more than three on these questions, and particularly if you agree with points 7, 8 or 9 it may be that you have some issue with your sexual relations and relationship to sex and/or intimacy.

Sex addiction can be a devastating cycle of destructive actions and like all forms of addiction can have devastating consequences. Many people suffering from issues of sex addiction use alcohol or drugs alongside their primary addiction which can only further exacerbate the emotional effects and trauma.

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