Anxiety Disorder Treatment Without Medication

Coping with an Anxiety Disorder without Medication

Anxiety can be a nightmare for some to deal with, especially people who have to deal with it every day of their lives. Chronic anxiety, living with it every day, can be torturous, but it is treatable, and it does not always need medication to help manage the symptoms. Reaching out for help would be the first step to getting this under control. While you are going through the process of therapy to treat your specific anxiety disorder, here are some ways to try to manage anxiety disorder without medication.

Break things down in to what you can do for your body, what you can do for your mind, and what actions you can take to help yourself out that day. Looking at what you can do for your body, adopting some healthy lifestyle traits will go a long way towards alleviating anxiety and improving your mood as well. Tips to help your body include:

  • Limit or cut out alcohol and caffeine from your diet
  • Try to get the recommended 7-9 hours of sleep per night
  • Eat regularly, and eat well-balanced meals
  • Set up regular exercise, for at least thirty minutes a day
  • Take frequent breaks from what you are doing

These may not seem like much, but anxiety can be intensified when you are, tired, stressed, or intoxicated. By doing this you will take care of your health and increase your ability to handle anxiety and stress symptoms that may come up.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment Without Medication mindfulness

Caring for your mind to lower anxiety is a little more complicated. A lot of work can and should be done in talk therapy to help manage these conditions, but here are some tips to help alleviate some anxiety when it happens:

  • Ask yourself if this is something worth getting upset over
  • Ask yourself if this is something that will matter a year from now
  • Learn to accept what you cannot control instead of letting it consume you
  • Learn what you can and cannot control
  • Develop a strong sense of humor
  • Meditation and keeping yourself focused on the present

These are simple steps that may take a lot of practice but will go a very long way in the quest to rid yourself of anxiety. Learn to do this in the moment when you feel the anxiety building and start practicing these skills. The more you practice them the easier they will be and the less you will notice the anxiety.

Anxiety Disorder Treatment Without Medication

Now, taking action is another thing that will help, especially when it is action aimed at fighting anxiety, both being proactive and reactive. These can include:

  • Slow, deep breathing or some thoughtful breathing technique
  • Learning distraction techniques, like listening to music, reading, or talking to friends when you are upset
  • Get out and exercise or just move around to wear off energy, refocus your mind, and release endorphins in your brain that naturally help calm and elevate your mood
  • Set goals for yourself every day, ones that are attainable
  • Learn what triggers your anxiety and avoid it until you are strong enough to manage it

Coping skills to combat daily anxiety are a necessary tool in living with it. There are things to do that will overall help lower anxiety, as well as things to do in the moment when the anxiety is getting bad, and none of them require drugs or medication to do. These will help in conjunction with the therapy you are doing to eliminate chronic anxiety from your life.

Private anxiety disorder treatment without medication allows you an invaluable opportunity for restoring your mental health. You’ll learn how to cope with an anxiety disorder without medication and live a more peaceful life. At Rosglas we offer individualised treatment in a luxury and private therapy retreat in Ireland. We are here to help you!

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