How We Treat

Our Treatment Approach

RósGlas Recovery recognise the needs our clients have regarding confidentiality and privacy. All of our care is delivered with this in mind.

We do a comprehensive assessment of each situation which includes meetings with our core team of international experts.

The treatment plan will include Psychological Therapies, Biochemical Restoration, Lifestyle and Nutritional Program supported with a wide range of tailored complementary therapies.

We identify the underlying psychological, biochemical and social causes and treat them successfully.

This method provides the best opportunity for long term recovery.

This intensive one to one individual approach provides the platform for an exceptional amount of work to be done in a relatively short period of time.

We choose a live in case manager for you based on your specific needs. This person will reside with you throughout and guide you through your recovery process.

We only ever treat one client at a time – no groups or concerns about confidentiality.

As we only treat one person at a time, we are able to precisely tailor our holistic therapeutic approach to cater for each individuals needs.

Therefore our care plans are uniquely adapted to each individual. This offers our clients with the best possible outcome. We realise how crucial privacy and discretion is for our clients.

The setting of the residence offers complete privacy in a beautiful serene setting in the Irish countryside. The peaceful location is a conducive environment for healing and recovery.

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Contact us for individual consultation

If you or your loved one suffers from addiction, there is no time to wait – seeking help is always the best option.

Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to provide anonymous consultation over the phone or email.

Exclusive Addiction Retreats with

5* Star Hospitality


A personalised treatment takes place confidentially in luxury and full comfort.

We provide luxury private accommodation options that boast the following features:

  • Beautiful, picturesque Ireland
  • Inner city and country 5* star accommodation options
  • Private, luxurious and discrete
  • Contemporary, luxurious decor
  • High level of privacy and security
  • Spa, gym, pool and sauna
  • Peaceful retreat spaces
Luxury and Private Addiction Treatment Center and Rehab in Ireland

Facilities & Services

The level of care and comfort we provide is second to none.

Our environment is designed with your recovery in mind.

We provide concierge services and all guests can enjoy:

  • Private Chef & Butler
  • Private Limousine with a Chauffeur
  • Maid services
  • Private excursions and day trips

Beauty of Ireland

Stunning scenery, peaceful settings, spiritual heritage, wonderful nourishing food, exclusive concierge therapy and world-renowned Irish hospitality and warmth makes Ireland is an ideal location for an exclusive retreat.


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Plans & Prices

RósGlas Recovery offers exclusive treatment programs starting from €64,000/USD 68’500 per week. Typically, our guests stay with us for 2 to 6 weeks.

We can accommodate for those who are in need for specialized accommodation, security and hospitality services. Complete and custom treatment package can be tailored to your specific personal situation. 

Our services are not covered by any type of insurance, public or private. All costs are covered by our guests or their family.

Touching Story of a Rósglas Client

…I reached the point where I realised I couldn’t continue living the way I was living.

I was unhappy ALL the time, and there was no earthly reason. I had a wonderful wife, good children, sweet grandchildren, nice friends, beautiful homes, and was economically independent.

The drinking and drugging that had helped me feel good, then helped me feel less bad, no longer seemed to work. I oscillated between anger and depression, and felt a crushing loneliness.

My cholesterol was at dangerously high levels, I was overweight and nearly diabetic. Physically and mentally my life was at risk. I saw doctors and they wanted to put me on Diazepam. I thought, (fortunately), “I’ve been going from one substance to another for 40 years, I don’t need them for that. I suspect that I have some underlying condition that drugging and drinking is a symptom of.”

I wanted to stop using substances and couldn’t – even though in other areas I had great willpower.

I felt like the Wolfman with no control when the full moon came, only it was a full moon all the time. I knew I could not change on my own, that I needed help, and began to seek the most skilled help available.

My thought was “I’m only going to do this once, and for that, it must be the best. I’ll need to commit myself to their program of recovery, and I’ll work hard.”

My search ended with Antony O’Brien and his team. He and his team were able, very quickly, to find deep complex unresolved trauma, grief, and anger issues I was unaware of. They treated these issues quickly and effectively, while at the same time correcting dietary and relationship issues. The confidentiality is hermetic.

Anthony was my live-in therapist. He gave me plenty of space. Anthony’s skill, intelligence and good character made it possible for me to hold nothing back. The live-in system enabled an amazing amount of progress in an amazingly short time.

The entire program was designed around my own peculiar individual needs, no dross.

I was sober for the first time in 40 years. After 5 weeks, it was time to go home. Anthony came and stayed with myself and my family for 2 weeks helping my wife and I to apply the skills we had learned. This made a big difference in my recovery.

In the ensuing years, my life and relationships have become fulfilling and happy. My health is good. Seeking his help is the best thing I have ever done for myself. I have made back, many times over, the costs. I am deeply grateful to Anthony O’Brien and his team, and heartily recommend them.

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