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Addiction is a complex problem that affects people of all ages. It usually involves a mixture of emotional, behavioural, psychological and biological issues.

We believe addiction is:

  • Often linked to Trauma usually from childhood
  • High incidence of co-occurring challenges like depression and anxiety
  • It always progresses with time
  • The consequences are often misunderstood

At RósGlas Recovery we treat addictions or any addictive behaviours directly – whilst at the same time addressing the underlying causal factors that predispose addictive tendencies.

This may include biochemical imbalances, mood-related issues, psychological issues, mental health or trauma, lifestyle, social or relationship factors. Importantly, we believe that our comprehensive approach offers our clients the greatest chance of long-term recovery and relief.

Our key philosophy is that addiction is a multi-faceted issue and addiction treatment should be tailored to suit each and every individual.

Do I have depression?

Anxiety Issues

Through our range of extensive assessments we help you understand the unique origins of your particular anxieties – appreciating that everyone is different.

RósGlas supportive, intensive individualised one-on-one therapy programmes offer effective and private anxiety issues treatment. Depending on the severity and underlying factors relating to your anxiety issues we offer anxiety retreats from between 2 to 12 weeks. This includes a wide range of daily therapy (over 6 hours of treatment a day) and being accompanied throughout your stay by dedicated and specialist therapists.

Burnout & Stress

Stress & burnout is a chronic state of emotional, mental and physical exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It’s increasingly common amongst business executives and those juggling a variety of modern demands.

Stunning scenery, peaceful settings, spiritual heritage, wonderful nourishing food, exclusive concierge therapy and world-renowned Irish hospitality and warmth makes Ireland is an ideal location for an exclusive burnout and stress retreat.

how to stop being codependent


Codependency is essentially characterised by dysfunctional relationships – with oneself and other people. This is often seen in families with addiction issues or mental health and is regarded a form of delayed stress syndrome.

All of the therapy programmes at RósGlas Recovery are specifically tailored and designed to each individual client. Our clients enjoy an excellent level of care from our team of dedicated professionals including consultant psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor and our caring team of support and complimentary therapists.

Signs of a Toxic Marriage


Our private depression therapy programme at RósGlas Recovery is specifically tailored and designed to each individual client.

At RósGlas Recovery, we take a completely holistic and comprehensive view to any condition we treat. This includes assessing and understanding how underlying biological and biochemical imbalances or trauma may be playing a part in your mood and health. We also consider psychological, social and family factors, environmental and lifestyle influences and spiritual aspects (if relevant to the individual).

Trauma & PTSD

All of the therapy programmes at RósGlas Recovery are specifically tailored and designed to each individual client.

Our expert team includes psychologists and therapists with specialism in treating trauma and PTSD – our therapy is provided in private and luxury settings in Ireland. This includes a variety of psychotherapy approaches including Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) which is a very powerful technique that offers relief from symptoms relatively quickly.

Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic relationships are a common form of abuse, however it is often missed or misunderstood by counsellors or health professionals. The team at RósGlas Recovery are skilled and experienced in supporting those who have experienced narcissistic abuse and in helping people understand the origins and dynamics of the dangerous ‘hook’ in these types of relationships.

We help support individuals with this kind of relationship trauma to develop their own sense of self-esteem, self-worth, to develop healthy boundaries and reclaim their lives.

Contact us for individual consultation

If you or your loved one suffers from addiction, there is no time to wait – seeking help is always the best option.

Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to provide anonymous consultation over the phone or email.


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