Am I addicted to cocaine

Self-Assessment Test: Am I Addicted to Cocaine?

Drug addiction is a complex disease with cocaine being one of the most addictive out of all drugs. There is often a number of underlying issues involved in developing a cocaine addiction including biochemistry, psychology, social and family influences, genetics and trauma. Therefore you might be asking yourself – am I addicted to cocaine?

Research shows that over 30 million people around the world struggle with substance use disorders, with one of them being cocaine. It is often called a recreational ‘party drug’ but when used chronically cocaine can alter the brain’s chemical makeup and seriously affects one’s quality of life. 

Cocaine addiction is a progressive disorder and almost always results in deepening addiction alongside negative cycles of guilt, shame and catastrophic life consequences. Therefore it is important to asses and acknowledge the severity of the problem and seek help when needed.

Are you unsure about the signs of cocaine abuse? Have you asked yourself “Am I addicted to cocaine?” or “Do I have cocaine addiction?”. This self-assessment test will help you understand the impact of your cocaine use and determine if you have a possible cocaine addiction.

Use this test during the first days of cocaine abstinence to measure withdrawal symptoms. Be honest with yourself, only then you will receive the correct results of your test.

This test is based on the Cocaine Selective Severity Assessment.

Since cocaine withdrawal can diminish your thinking and concentration abilities, you may want to ask a supportive person to help with the test by reading the questions, recording the answers, and tallying the scores for you.

Please note that this test is not meant to provide an official diagnosis of cocaine addiction. If you find that you have a question about your own cocaine use or that of a loved one, either now or in the future, please discuss this with your physician, healthcare professional, or contact us at Rosglas Recovery.

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