Do I have depression?

Self-Assessment Test: Do I have depression?

Many people struggle with understanding what mental health problems are, what are the symptoms and when it’s time to ask for help. There are various mental health disorders, however, is our current fast-paced and ever-isolating world, one of the most common problems is depression.

More than 250 million people worldwide are affected by depression. When left untreated, any mental illness can result in devastating short-term and long-term consequences for individuals and their loved ones. While there is no single cure to treat depression, with the right treatment and care it is possible to improve the condition or even recover fully.

There are various types of depression with certain degrees of severity. However, the most common symptoms of depression include withdrawal from socializing, loss of interest in previously enjoyed activities, constant sadness, pessimism or irritability. Moreover, depression doesn’t just affect emotional health; it also affects the body. Some of the physical effects include disturbed sleep pattern, sudden loss or increase of appetite, constant fatigue, headaches or muscle aches, and back pain.

It’s easy to dismiss many of the depression symptoms and neglect the importance of mental health. Remember that even if it feels frightening or uncertain, seeking treatment for your mental health can be one of the greatest gifts you give yourself or your loved one suffering from depression.

Are you unsure about the signs of depression? Have you asked yourself  “Do I have depression?”, “Should I look for mental health treatment?”.  This self-assessment test will help assess your mental health and determine if you have a possible problem with depression.

When answering the questions, use the last two weeks of your life as a frame of reference. Be honest with yourself, only then you will receive the correct results of your test.

This test is based on the Patient Health Questionnaire-9 (PHQ-9) to assess the severity of depression

Please note that this test is not meant to provide an official diagnosis of depression. If you find that you have a question about your own mental health or that of a loved one, either now or in the future, please discuss this with your physician, healthcare professional, or contact us at Rosglas Recovery.

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